Used by pro racer.
Dizziness rehabilitation using racing simulator.

we are aiming to contribute to society through company activities.The dizziness of rehabilitation.

we use the simulator to the rehabilitation of dizziness.
◎ peripheral (inner ear) front yard, three semicircular canals.
◎ central (cerebellum) chronic floating dizziness.
Improvement of quality of life of walking and balance problems.
By Drive Simulator (20 minutes), Dizziness Handicap Inventory, nystagmus survey, center of gravity swaying test are performed before and after riding.
Fill in the Dizziness Handicap Inventory before get on the clinic and enter at the clinic within one week after getting on.

The 1st ststage.

This is the Artificial intelligence running.
Circuit Fuji International speed.

The 2nd ststage.

2nd speed hold and 60km/h keeping self drive.
Circuit Fuji International Speedway.

The 3rd stage

2nd speed hold and 80km/h keeping self drive.
Circuit Fuji International Speedway.

The 4th ststage.

Rsise the speed 20km/h incrementally to only 100lm/h straight depending
on the situation. self Drive.
Circuit Fuji International Speedway.

The 5th stage

free drive.
Circuit Fuji International Speedway


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