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THE RAINMAKER is Winds Formula Philippines purvey racing and the man who showers on the rain of money.
We are looking for The Rainmaker.
let's get dream at togeter.
money rain is showered on to the Philippines.


When you participate in race activity of Winds Formula Philippines, you must meet at least following requirements.
・Possessing an effective Ordinary vehicles driving license during the race activity period.
・Possessing a license of the A.A.P publication that is an existence effect in the applicable year.
・Is in good physical and mental health.
・When you participate, and a person younger than 18 years participates, you must
submit the participation written consent of pro-incarnation or the protector to Winds Formula Philippines.

useing :OSCAR SK96

engine:Flat four-cylinder engine・OHV・1600cc(SUBARU・EA71)
tire:(ADVAN) one make
vehicle total weight :465kg over (include driver)
full speed:220km/h over


1. Flame resistance racing suit (specifying "nationality, the name, a blood type" to a waist part by all means) with a full name and the blood type
2. Crash helmet
Limited to those set forth in Chapter 3, section FIA International Sporting Code Appendix L rule
3. fireproof racing gloves
4. fireproof racing socks
5. fireproof racing face mask
6. fireproof racing shoes
7. fireproof racing underwearr

unification rulebook

Race Cost

Machine rental expenses “55,000 pesos”
Vehicle transportation costs “6,720 pesos”
Entry expenses “5,000 pesos”
Crash insurance “13,750 pesos”
Gasoline 1L@ “102 pesos”
Mechanic’s fee 1day “5,000 pesos”

formula winds application form

New tire cost

formula winds tire purchase order

150/ 575R13 A005. P7,110/pc
170/ 605R13 A005. P8,000/pc
150/ 580R13 A006. P8,890/pc
170/ 610R13 A006. P9,780/pc

FP1600 test drive cost only Batangas Racing Circuit

the first session “10,000 pesos”
it includes Mechanic,Gasolin and test drive 30minutes.
from 2nd. “5,000 pesos”
it includes Gasolin and test drive 30minutes.

formula winds test drive application form

Step Up System

S-FJ Series 2014 in TSUKUBA

Step1 Be a champion in FP1600 2013 Series in the Philippines
Step2 :Get a chance to join Japan S-FJ Series next year in TSUKUBA
(1-year vehicle support)
Step3 :Be a champion of S-FJ TSUKUBA Series
Step4 :Be a champion of the Japan Championship Series
Step5 :Get a chance to join F-4 Eastern Japan Series(1-year vehicle support)

You can get S-FJ seat in Philippines.

It is to Formula 1 some day.
It is faster than everyone.
run up soon.
A dream can be held.........
Only one person.


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