we are looking for counterpart.

It will give dreams to children.

Mental mutual spirit.

we want to make the children of the world smile..

Counterparts are necessary for those who have developmental disorder and depression not only in the Philippines.
The counterparts support social rehabilitation to them.
According to the definition, it indicates the contacts in charge when two organizations make a partnership or corporation mutually.
They are same position and rank in the organizations.
In case of an international corporation such as medical equipment maintenance, a maintenance assistant manager who works for a Japanese hospital is dispatched to a developing country.
In that case, there is a person who always accompanies the assistant manager. Normally, the person is as equal as the assistant manager in terms of status or abilities.
Sometimes, institutions or organizations accompanies people who are dispatched from other countries.
From the point of medical projects, counterparts indicate Ministry of Health and Welfare or Department(Ministry) of Health.
We are able to reintegrate into society for those who have developmental disorder and depression.
If you have these sorts of problems, please contact us.

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